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How to time your Social Security claims

For most retirees, Social Security is an indispensable part of their retirement. Knowing exactly when to claim your benefits can maximize your total payout.

How a recession could come next year

Chances are good that the U.S. economy isn’t contracting right now, but risks keep growing, and these clues could point toward a downturn coming our way in 2020.

Questions to ask a bank about your data

Unfortunately, data breaches are a fact of life now, so you need to educate yourself. Ask your bank these five questions before handing over your personal information.

6 funds that may be worth their higher fees

Everyday investors may balk at the higher costs of actively managed funds, but these six candidates may justify their high fees with performance that climbs above their peers.

Big inflows for low-volatility funds

Volatility looks like it’s here to stay as investors prepare for a long-awaited-for downturn. That’s making low-volatility funds a much more popular trade.

Making sure your retirement doesn’t run out

It’s one of the hardest things to predict: how long your nest egg will last. But a new strategy offers two simple ways for middle-class Americans do it without advisors or annuities.